Functional Training Columbia, SC

Functional Training

Functional training is a classification of exercise which involves training the body for the activities performed in daily life. It includes adapting and/or developing exercises which allow individuals to perform these activities more easily and without injuries. For example, exercises that mimic what people do at home or work may be included in order to help them return to their lives or jobs after an injury or surgery. Thus, if a person’s job required repeatedly heavy lifting, exercises would be targeted towards safe heavy lifting. If they are a parent of young children, it would be targeted towards moderate lifting and endurance as well as dynamic stabilization (because we all know a screaming, flailing toddler can dramatically affect a parent’s back!). At Pinnacle, treatments and training programs are designed with careful consideration of the person’s condition, what he or she would like to achieve, and ensuring their goals are realistic and achievable. For more information, Contact Us Today at Columbia, SC Center.