Jeromy Miramontes

Jeromy Miramontes

Personal Trainer


I grew up in Irmo, South Carolina. I Graduated from the University of South Carolina with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and Marshall University with a Master’s degree in Biomechanics with a focus in sport science. Started my working at Palmetto Health orthopedic rehabilitation as a rehabilitation service specialist. I then worked for Prisma health as an Exercise Physiologists.

I have had the opportunity to work with athletes of all levels and ages. As well as working with the general population from teenagers to Senor Adults in the rehabilitation fields. I have spent my entire life in the health industry as an athlete, coach, and researcher.

Core Values:

I believe quality over quantity with any movements. I program based on the science of longevity and increasing health span (quality of life) not just life span (total number of years alive)

As a personal trainer, I help bridge the gap for clients transitioning out of physical therapy! It can be tough to maintain those healthy habits after PT ends, so I help them navigate that challenge. One thing I see a lot is people falling back on excuses to avoid exercise. My passion is to empower them to find the joy in movement and overcome those hurdles! That’s why I love working here – it’s a small community of healthcare professionals all working together to create a supportive environment for lasting well-being.

What is Jeromy Watching, Reading, or Listening To?

  • The Joe Rogan Experience (Podcast)
  • Huberman lab (Podcast)
  • The Drive with Dr. Peter Attia (Podcast)

I enjoy spending time developing my craft and pursuing goals that will better myself and my clients.

    Patient Testimonials

    I look forward to my workouts with Jeromy at Pinnacle. He has an exercise routine planned for me and motivates me to meet my training objectives. He is a dedicated trainer and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to meet their fitness goals. He is the best.


    Jeromy is extremely knowledgeable and always well prepared. He understands what I need to improve my strength, balance and cardio. He has a wonderful variety of exercises that helps to keep the workouts interesting. Jeromy seems to be able to sense each time I’m there what I need that day. He can modify exercises as we go to improve their effectiveness and interest.
    Jeromy constantly checks with me to make sure I can handle a particular routine, and when I say I can do more he knows how to appropriately increase the intensity.
    I have been going to personal trainers for about 15 years, and Jeromy is as good as I’ve ever had.


    I was so lucky to have found Jeromy to help me along my fitness journey. The training program he developed is tailored to my needs, ability and age. He has provided me with a strong foundation to build on and setting me up for success.
    Every day I see the results of Jeromy’s training. My strength, balance and general well-being have greatly improved.