Our Practice

When Kyra and J.R. came to Columbia, they brought their dream of combining their knowledge, talent, and passion for physical health into a local “one-stop shop” for health and wellness. From that dream, Pinnacle opened as the first PT clinic in town to also offer personal training, nutrition services, and massage therapy. Their approach to running a business is “provide others the best care they deserve and need, and the business will take care of itself.” This has allowed Pinnacle to grow from just two professionals to a staff of 9, all providing the personal and individualized care our community has come to expect.

Katherine Fischer joins J.R. as the Doctors of Physical Therapy at Pinnacle who work to relieve your pain, reducing the need for surgery and prescription drugs, while restoring your mobility and function so you can enjoy your normal daily activities. Their Physical Therapist Assistants (PTA), Montrelle Lewis and Tory Morton, complement and extend the quality of care provided by the PTs. Whether you have a nagging pain that just won’t go away, overdid it in the yard or on the tennis court, are having trouble getting around like you used to, or have a child that injured themselves playing sports, the therapists will work with you to create a recovery plan designed for your specific needs.

The personal trainers all hold top degrees and certifications in their field. Kyra, Kaitlin McCandlish, Kyle Silvey, and Liz Callahan are very hands-on and design their programs individually. Each provides their clients with personal attention and designs plans to meet the client’s goals. No “cookie-cutter” training or therapy where every client receives the same exact service!

At Pinnacle Physical Therapy, all of the staff, patients, and clients become part of the family, creating an open relaxing environment where “we have fun, but get our work done”. Once you step into their clinic, you immediately feel welcomed by the cheerful staff and warm, comforting aesthetics. While there, you’ll receive personal, individualized attention that is often lacking at other healthcare facilities. Pinnacle is the “Cheer’s” atmosphere in a fitness setting: Everyone knows your name and we are truly invested in your personal needs. It doesn’t take long until you, too, are part of the Pinnacle family!