Elizabeth Callahan

Elizabeth Callahan

NASM, Certified Personal Trainer & Sports Nutrition

I grew up in Columbia SC, but my family is from Puerto Rico. I am still currently still a college student and may be for life! I am married with 3 children ranging from 3-13. I am also the Fitness Coordinator for the City of Columbia’s Drew Wellness Center. I take pride in creating progressive strength and cardiopulmonary exercises for my clients. I also work with orthopedic issues, postural re-education and correction, and cardiovascular health.

My Certifications:

  • PiYo
  • Insanity
  • CX-WorX
  • Mixxed Fit
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Personal Training
  • Sports Nutrition

My core values are to help the people who want to get what they ask for. Not stopping until I am satisfied.

“When you want to give up, remember why you started!”

I am a Personal Trainer. I help with functional fitness on multiple levels to help our patients receive the best care and to get them back to living their daily lives! Something that patients have to deal with that I would like to change is helping them age better. It’s inevitable for people to get older, but helping them stay active while they get older, helps them enjoy life into their later years!

I enjoy making exercise pain-free for my patients. It has to be the most rewarding part of the job! I’ve been part of the team for a while here at Pinnacle Physical Therapy and it’s a wonderful group of people, hands down!

What is Elizabeth Watching, Reading or Listening to?

  • City of Angles (Movie)
  • Running With Scissors (Book)
  • Reacher (TV Series)

When I’m not at work I enjoy relaxing! I work a lot. Two jobs, 3 kids, a husband & I’m a part-time student. Boating, kayaking, gardening, and camping are hobbies. If I could get some massages in on my enjoyment time I’d be in Heaven!