9 Good Reasons To Stretch More Often

9 Good Reasons To Stretch More Often

July 11, 2022

When is the last time you gave your body a good, long stretch?

Stretching should be a part of your everyday routine if it isn’t already. A nice stretch is the best way to start your day, regardless of who you are. Stretching has a lot of advantages, and it’s absolutely fine if you don’t know where to start!

A physical therapist can explain why stretching is beneficial to you as an individual and how it can help you enhance your overall quality of life. Pleasecontact our office for further details and to set up an appointment, and in the meantime, read this list of 9 reasons why stretching can benefit you!

Reason #1: Stretching cuts back on your stress.

Every one of us carries stress in our bodies. When you are under a lot of stress, your muscles constrict, making you feel tense and on edge. Stretching generates natural endorphins, which help you relax, improve your mood, and lower your stress levels.

Reason #2: Stretching improves your flexibility.

Improving your flexibility and range of motion is a common objective in physical therapy. Better flexibility comes with a slew of advantages. It boosts your physical performance and lowers your risk of injury. Furthermore, as you grow more flexible, your body uses less energy to do daily tasks.

Reason #3: Stretching allows for better blood circulation.

One of the main purposes of a stretching program is to increase blood flow to the extremities. Blood helps you stay healthy by transporting oxygen to your cells.

This aids in the effective functioning of your organs by promoting cell proliferation. Stretching also decreases your heart rate, allowing your blood pressure to return to normal and relieving stress on your heart. Stretching can also help to enhance blood circulation, which can help to lessen soreness after a workout.

Reason #4: Stretching decreases muscle soreness.

Stretching before and after a workout gives your muscles plenty of time to relax and loosen up. Stretching promotes blood flow to the muscles, as previously stated. This transports oxygen and a variety of essential nutrients to the muscles, reducing discomfort after an exercise.

Reason #5: Stretching increases your stamina.

After a strenuous workout, a good, long stretching session might actually boost muscle stamina. Stretching boosts blood flow to painful muscles while also relieving weariness. Stretching helps to maintain oxygen flowing to your muscles, which helps to keep muscle weariness at bay.

As a result, your muscles will be able to “hang in there” for a longer period of time before becoming fatigued!

Reason #6: Stretching improves your cholesterol.

Stretching sessions can help to reduce cholesterol in your body, as long as you’re also following a heart-healthy diet. This can help you avoid heart disease. Stretching has even been shown to reverse the effects of hardening arteries due to cholesterol.

Reason #7: Stretching decreases your risk of injury.

You may believe there is little risk of injury if you work in an office. However, what about when you have to bend over, pick up, and carry a 20-pound package of office supplies? This might easily result in a pulled or strained muscle, causing weeks of agony and requiring physical therapy to recuperate. Stretching on a daily basis will considerably reduce the likelihood of an occurrence like this occurring.

Reason #8: Stretching can improve your posture.

Stretching every day can help posture by lengthening certain muscles that have a tendency to tighten up when we sit in a chair for work all day. Focusing on your lower back, chest, and shoulders will aid in keeping your spine properly aligned. Stretching also relieves aches and pains, which can cause you to want to slouch.

Reason #9: Stretching boosts energy levels

The best reason to stretch first thing in the morning is for this reason alone. A few excellent stretches, done correctly with deep breathing, will provide you with the energy boost you need to get your day started. Take a quick “stretch break” if you start to feel lethargic at work during the day.

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