Thinking About Surgery For Your Chronic Pain? You Have Another Option: Physical Therapy

Thinking About Surgery For Your Chronic Pain? You Have Another Option: Physical Therapy

May 19, 2020

Do you suffer from constant aches and pains for reasons you just can’t put your finger on? Have you gotten used to feeling a spasm here or there, but summed it up to getting older? Maybe you’ve delayed seeking medical treatment for your problem because you’re afraid of one particular solution: surgery. You have no reason to worry, because there’s another option! Physical therapy could make surgery unnecessary for you. Just contact our clinic to find out more about the non-invasive world of conservative pain management!

What Is Chronic Pain?

When pain occurs as a result of an acute health problem, such as a car accident injury, sports injury or infection, it comes as no surprise to you. Pain in these circumstances is normal and expected, not to mention the fact that it will only last as long as it takes your body to recover from the underlying issue.

Chronic pain is different. It offers no reassurance. This type of pain is ongoing, and lasts longer than 3 months. It may even last a lifetime if the underlying cause is unable to be cured. The pain could appear and disappear unexpectedly, or it might be a continuous issue. Mild annoyance or debilitating problem – chronic pain isn’t fun for anyone.

What Can Cause Chronic Pain? How Can It Affect You?

Chronic pain can be brought about as an effect of an illness or an injury that never healed correctly. Take for example, an internal soft tissue injury might form lumps of scar tissue that make it painful for you to move.

Chronic aches and pains can also be caused by the following issues:

  • Herniated/bulging discs that pinch spinal nerve roots or your spinal cord
  • Musculoskeletal imbalances or weaknesses
  • Arthritis, a degenerative condition causing joints to become painfully inflamed
  • Exertion of specific tissues, causing them to experience strain and constant inflammation
  • Trigger points, which are tight muscle knots that can spasm and refer pain to various parts of the body
  • Systemic problems, such as fibromyalgia

Your ability to move around comfortably and freely can be impacted and limited by chronic pain. The same goes for performing simple everyday tasks or getting a restful night’s sleep. Some chronic pain conditions like sciatica may actually trick you into thinking that they’ve disappeared, only to come back over and over.

However, you’re not alone in your struggle! Did you know that almost 116 million Americans suffer from chronic pain? It’s true. Thankfully, there are multiple helpful solutions to managing this issue.

Is Physical Therapy Right For Your Chronic Pain?

Let’s face it. Medication only provides temporary relief from chronic aches and pains. One might assume that the only long-term option for pain relief is expensive surgery. However, surgeries that fuse joints or remove pieces of vertebral discs can actually do you more harm than good, and you should also take into account the time it’ll take you to recover! This is where physical therapy comes in.

Physical therapy is a safe, effective, non-invasive, drug-free answer. Physical therapists can decrease and control your chronic aches and pains in the following ways.

  • Increasing your flexibility with stretching exercises
  • Teaching you exercises that target specific joints or muscles
  • Massage therapy, which will loosen/break down adhesions and trigger points while calming inflamed tissues
  • Ultrasound therapy to block pain signals and promote healing
  • Loosening tight muscles with heat therapy
  • Prescribing strengthening exercises to help your body support itself more easily
  • Reducing swelling and inflammatory pain with cold therapy

You deserve to achieve the comfortable life you seek without spending thousands on surgery. Call our physical therapy office to schedule your consultation with one of our therapists and receive a personalized treatment program!


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